Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My sister and I have always been pretty darn competitive. For a while during our young years (probably at the ages of 8 and 10) we battled for who could learn to juggle first. We have always been pretty determined... especially when it comes to beating each other! So neither of us were going to give up. I remember the two of us tossing balls up in the backyard until it would get dark out. I don't recall who got the hang of it first... or if it was sort of at the same time. I have a feeling we both got the hang of it at the same time. One trick you can do is try using two balls with one hand (it uses the same principal). 

So there I was at work this week working in the toy department of the bookstore when lo and behold I saw a new thing -- a juggling kit! So of course I promptly bought it. I'm very rusty. But when I'm good enough I'll post a video of my attempt. Or better yet... maybe it would be funnier to post a video when I'm not good enough.