Thursday, April 18, 2013


I was looking through my box of old kid papers and found the below chart. I'd actually never laid eyes on it before (my parents gave me a pile of stuff and I threw it in a box). I'm freaked out by it but kind of feel guilty at the same time. 1) What kind of child was I? 2) What kind of adult am I now? 

Am I not accomplishing enough? I'm feeling guilty because I have SO much to do right now and instead I've been on some sort of marathon TV binge. You know how it is once you get into one of those cable TV shows... they suck you in. I may also get like that when I'm a bit overwhelmed by things. I check out.  I find comfort fake realities, where everyone's problems are larger than life. 

But I had a chart for exercise! And this was when I was probably about 10 or so. I know I was in elementary school because this was in preparation for the physical fitness test. I always had to do  exceedingly well at all of those things or I'd beat myself up about it. There were so many things that I wanted to do with my 10 year old self. I wanted to be published. I wanted to win races. I wanted to start a band and record songs (I still have mixed tapes of my attempts). I even made a dance music video to Milli Vanilli! Remember them? Eek.  I also have my invitation that I sent around the neighborhood for a haunted house that I constructed in the basement. I was constantly trying to make money and I'd wrangle others into my schemes. I tried lemonade sales... I made craft objects... I wanted to sell my art... What would I think of my grown up self? I'm not rolling in money. Would I shake my head in shame? I'm not in the Olympics, either, as I'd once dreamed. I'm also not posting fitness charts on my wall and now I'm watching marathon TV shows and not getting dressed until 5pm. I'm starting to think I need to take a little inspiration from the childhood me. Meghan: get your act together! Get dressed! Make a fitness chart! Turn off the TV! 

Enough said. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My sister and I have always been pretty darn competitive. For a while during our young years (probably at the ages of 8 and 10) we battled for who could learn to juggle first. We have always been pretty determined... especially when it comes to beating each other! So neither of us were going to give up. I remember the two of us tossing balls up in the backyard until it would get dark out. I don't recall who got the hang of it first... or if it was sort of at the same time. I have a feeling we both got the hang of it at the same time. One trick you can do is try using two balls with one hand (it uses the same principal). 

So there I was at work this week working in the toy department of the bookstore when lo and behold I saw a new thing -- a juggling kit! So of course I promptly bought it. I'm very rusty. But when I'm good enough I'll post a video of my attempt. Or better yet... maybe it would be funnier to post a video when I'm not good enough.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Realistic Eye on paper - Drawing Time lapse

I think this is really beautiful... just watching someone draw.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm blown away by the amount of research that Marc did for his book Bill the Boy Wonder. He said that he called 500 people with the last name "Finger" in the white pages! Whaaaaat?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


For the past week I've been in the Caribbean: St. John. I have my mom and dad to thank for this. They let us siblings stay at the house they rented. We just had to pay for the airfare. It was fabulous! Below was the house:

It was on the top of a mountain and had a very jungle feeling. It was very wet and rained every night. The days were very sunny, however. 

This is the view from the front deck. It was a long way down but what a wonderful view!

I loved the beaches. I'm not much of a beach person but these were great because I could go exploring...

I hiked to the top of a small mountain. There were small ruins everywhere--great for photography!

The plant-life was also plentiful. Lots of colorful little cacti and palm trees...

This is a view from my hike to the top of one of the mountains with the ruins. I was the only one on the trail and parts of it got very dark with just bits of light peaking in. I loved it! The birds were making all sorts of noises and I could hear creatures crawling and milling about. We saw lots of pelicans, there were wild donkeys all over the place, wild chickens, wild cows, wild horned sheep that we saw climbing up the side of a cliff, wild baby lambs. I found a bunch of hermit crabs crawling through the woods and we caught the glimpse of a mongoose scurrying across the road. 

Below is one of the many pelicans. They would swoop down and grab fish right in front of us. 

These are the palm trees. There was one particular path that was full of them. I loved the way they lit up when the light shone threw them. 

We hiked a trail called the Ram's Head trail. It was amazing. It went right along the side of a cliff and opened up onto the clear blue ocean. We went at sunset. On the way back, when it got dark, the birds came out and started making all sorts of unique noises. 

This guy was on a dumpster on the dirt road leading from the rental house to the main road. On the first few drives I shouted, "Hey, what the heck is that! It looks like a dead cat!" Didn't anyone see it?" My family ignored me. When I finally got their attention on the third or fourth pass by my dad said, "What the heck is that?" After that he stopped every time we got to the cat. He was determined to figure out what it was all about. We're still not sure if it's ceramic or rubber. My dad says he wants one for the deck at their house. Hmmm. 

This is a house down the road from the rental. The car in the driveway has no windows in it--just a rag draped over where the window should be. 

The roads were INSANE. The road to the house we were were staying at was almost impossible to get to. It was a dirt road with an almost 45 degree slope up in parts. There were craters all over the place. I took a video that I'll post at some point. The rest of the roads looked like this. The whole island was around and up and down. It took us an hour to drive ten miles. 

This photo shows you how BLUE the water is! Enough said. 

This was the view from my hike up to a ruin. I didn't know what I was going to see when I got to the top but it was worth all of the effort. The rest of my family was suntanning down at the bottom (where that little sliver of sand is).

One of my favorite things to do was go kayaking. We did a group tour on the first day and then my mom and one of my sisters decided to venture off and do single kayaks on the next. I loved it. I went by myself to an island with a ruin and then fought some rough waters and almost got capsised by a motor boat in the ocean. I saw the large boat coming my way and I knew I was in trouble. It made 5 foot waves that rippled over and over again and my boat was sideways. I swore I was in for it. But some how all I got was wet. What's better than a little adventure? I think it's the warm water that makes me not care so much about tipping over.

Below are my donkey friends. I went running one day and stopped to see if I could pet them (afterward my sister read in a guide that you shouldn't because they kick and bite). A few of them came right up to me so I tested it out. I touched the top of one of their heads. The donkeys all seemed very nice and gentle! One of the younger donkeys (a little bigger than a baby?) was lying down and he or she got up because it wanted some attention too. When I had to leave through customs one of the questions was, "Did you touch any of the wild animals?" Oops. I just lied and said, "no." My sister said, "I'm leaving with or without you. If you get stuck in St. Thomas because you pet a donkey and wanted to take home coral...

Below is a termites nest. They were all over the island. I found a tiny termite crawling around on my computer when I got home. I wonder what customs would think of that!

Stay tuned for Part 2: How I lost everything, including my car at the airport. Ouch. It was kind of ugly.

Atlas beginnings...

Charles Atlas--What's My Line

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Make Slime

I found this neat slime video... perfect to go with Aliens Are Coming:

Friday, January 11, 2013


I've done some more investigation on Bronies (read post below). Here's a video:

And here are some more photos of Bronies:

Love the last one....

And here's some fan art:

Thursday, January 10, 2013


A year or so ago I started getting strange emails. 

Here's the beginning of one letter:

Mrs. Mccarthy,

I'm sure that you are a busy woman, so I'll skip the formalities and admiration. Okay, maybe a little admiration: Thank you so much for bringing depth to the character that was becoming somewhat of a joke punching-bag, Pinkie Pie. 


Pinkie Pie? I had NO idea what this person was talking about! "...joke punching bag pinkie pie." I felt like I'd jumped into another world where there was some alternate universe speakie lingo. Ugh. Then I finally figured out that this guy was talking about My Little Pony! Okaaaay. And, by the way, this fan letter was from an adult male.

So then I got another letter from another fan of My Little Pony. Here's part of that letter (also an adult male):

i attached a photo of myself so you can grasp some context about what i look like, so the words i write fit better in the context of the now--that is, the time we're sharing as a part of the life of EARTH & it is pretty cool that we're both alive at the same time on a planet as cool as EARTH is.
i write EARTH in all caps because i think the caps make a difference in what planet you're talking about, i mean, "earth" looks more wimpy.. so i usually type it out all EARTH because i MEAN IT!
also, i use lower case i when i'm talking about myself, because then it looks like i'm just standing there with my arms by my self, sort of lonely like, still, you can see where my head is because of the dot -- check it out! ..

Then it goes on...

And then there's this at the end:

1) i made a film documentary about the "secret hidden messages" found in MLP when it's played backwards! it's about what the messages may be trying to say, my theory on how language tries to communicate (backwards, overlaping, pages of books like angel wings) & what MLP angel system might be trying to say with it's reverse style speak.
2) i've done some writing, stories, ideas, ideas as stories, & stories that were actually ideas.
3) mostly i'm an artist, so i have lots of cool art to share. i don't want to dump tons of unwanted art on you, but if you're interested in what i do, then i'll totally be excited to send you some choice images. oh yeah, i also attached some PONY armor art, a sort of pony style with the intention to do good deeds & help the MLP cast in whatever way shape or form they need it. Family values style, the look of the life & the walk of the hoof.


Family values style, the look of life & the walk of the hoof???

He attached a few of his own drawings of My Little Pony-type things,  with a kind of fantasy/sci fi like spin. He also, as he said, attached a photograph of himself. He's a good looking guy... but I think My Little Pony has warped his mind. Perhaps there are hidden messages in this kiddy show about friendship and magic and it's controlling these adult males and the ultimate plan by this other Meghan McCarthy is to take over the world?

And then I got more My Little Pony fan letters! Aaaa!!!! I'd had enough. So I went searching and found out that someone wrongly attributed my website to another Meghan McCarthy (one of the writers of My Little Pony - an M. Meghan McCarthy - I wish she'd use her first name and save me the agony!) and put it on Wikipedia. Wonderful. So I wrote to the writers of this page and asked that they remove it ASAP! I also now have on my website's contact page that I am not the writer of My Little Pony. I haven't gotten a fan letter for this Meghan McCarthy since! I do wonder, however, what her life is like. Is she just sifting through strange fan letters all day? Of course, I've never watched My Little Pony. Is this Meghan McCarthy crazy herself? I don't know. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this whole thing. Have any of you watched this My Little Pony? I recall it as a kid. It was just some ponies flying and hopping about. That's all I remember.

Meghan (not the Meghan of My Little Pony)

Below are some fan photos. I glanced at many more but got kind of freaked out so I'm not posting them.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Meghan Answers Your Questions"

The making of this took me forever! I need a break!