Thursday, January 10, 2013


A year or so ago I started getting strange emails. 

Here's the beginning of one letter:

Mrs. Mccarthy,

I'm sure that you are a busy woman, so I'll skip the formalities and admiration. Okay, maybe a little admiration: Thank you so much for bringing depth to the character that was becoming somewhat of a joke punching-bag, Pinkie Pie. 


Pinkie Pie? I had NO idea what this person was talking about! "...joke punching bag pinkie pie." I felt like I'd jumped into another world where there was some alternate universe speakie lingo. Ugh. Then I finally figured out that this guy was talking about My Little Pony! Okaaaay. And, by the way, this fan letter was from an adult male.

So then I got another letter from another fan of My Little Pony. Here's part of that letter (also an adult male):

i attached a photo of myself so you can grasp some context about what i look like, so the words i write fit better in the context of the now--that is, the time we're sharing as a part of the life of EARTH & it is pretty cool that we're both alive at the same time on a planet as cool as EARTH is.
i write EARTH in all caps because i think the caps make a difference in what planet you're talking about, i mean, "earth" looks more wimpy.. so i usually type it out all EARTH because i MEAN IT!
also, i use lower case i when i'm talking about myself, because then it looks like i'm just standing there with my arms by my self, sort of lonely like, still, you can see where my head is because of the dot -- check it out! ..

Then it goes on...

And then there's this at the end:

1) i made a film documentary about the "secret hidden messages" found in MLP when it's played backwards! it's about what the messages may be trying to say, my theory on how language tries to communicate (backwards, overlaping, pages of books like angel wings) & what MLP angel system might be trying to say with it's reverse style speak.
2) i've done some writing, stories, ideas, ideas as stories, & stories that were actually ideas.
3) mostly i'm an artist, so i have lots of cool art to share. i don't want to dump tons of unwanted art on you, but if you're interested in what i do, then i'll totally be excited to send you some choice images. oh yeah, i also attached some PONY armor art, a sort of pony style with the intention to do good deeds & help the MLP cast in whatever way shape or form they need it. Family values style, the look of the life & the walk of the hoof.


Family values style, the look of life & the walk of the hoof???

He attached a few of his own drawings of My Little Pony-type things,  with a kind of fantasy/sci fi like spin. He also, as he said, attached a photograph of himself. He's a good looking guy... but I think My Little Pony has warped his mind. Perhaps there are hidden messages in this kiddy show about friendship and magic and it's controlling these adult males and the ultimate plan by this other Meghan McCarthy is to take over the world?

And then I got more My Little Pony fan letters! Aaaa!!!! I'd had enough. So I went searching and found out that someone wrongly attributed my website to another Meghan McCarthy (one of the writers of My Little Pony - an M. Meghan McCarthy - I wish she'd use her first name and save me the agony!) and put it on Wikipedia. Wonderful. So I wrote to the writers of this page and asked that they remove it ASAP! I also now have on my website's contact page that I am not the writer of My Little Pony. I haven't gotten a fan letter for this Meghan McCarthy since! I do wonder, however, what her life is like. Is she just sifting through strange fan letters all day? Of course, I've never watched My Little Pony. Is this Meghan McCarthy crazy herself? I don't know. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this whole thing. Have any of you watched this My Little Pony? I recall it as a kid. It was just some ponies flying and hopping about. That's all I remember.

Meghan (not the Meghan of My Little Pony)

Below are some fan photos. I glanced at many more but got kind of freaked out so I'm not posting them.

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