Friday, June 20, 2014


When I was in art school I took a lot of reference photos to create my drawings and paintings. When I was going through a pile of old photos during my move I found the below gems. Some are Polaroids. Ah... to be young again and holding a cumbersome camera that shoots out square, plastic photos that look like crap....

The first grouping is wonderfully food related. The one on the left was obviously used to do a charcoal drawing because it's covered in charcoal. The two remaining are more sinister. I believe I was creating a drawing or painting pertaining to monsters eating humans or children or something... as you can gleam by the monstrous faces of my family members. I especially the the facial expression of my mom!

I vaguely recall creating the art piece from this reference photo. I guess I thought it would be a great idea to have a decapitated head sitting in a pantry. I'm sure you're wondering how I ended up doing children's books. So am I! Note the Clamato in front. My father used to drink that all the time. I find that to be the most disgusting drink on earth.
The above photo is me looking as sultry as possible. I just found the finished painting based on this photo in my parents' attic! I'll post it soon. 

On the left is my sister stabbing my other sister. Charming. On the right is my little sister looking tough. I have no idea what either of these were used for. 

Above is my little sis dressed as a vampire?

If I find any of the finished pieces that accompany these photos I'll post them! 

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