Saturday, July 14, 2012


Below are a few drawings I did as a kid. The first are some clowns. I remember doing these at Grammy's house. There was Grammy and Grandma. Grandma used to be called "ma" for a long while. She was "ma" and my mom was mom. This is because she took care of me while my mom was at work so I considered her another mom. One day the boy I played with next door asked me why I called her "ma." He said,"She's your grandma not your mother." I felt embarrassed so I started calling her grandma after that. Anyway, at both grandmothers' homes I did a lot of art. I loved doing it. 

This one is a tracing of my foot and hand. It's shiny because it's covered in plastic wrap. I loved covering things in plastic wrap because I thought that was like laminating my art. Someone should have bought me a laminator! 

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