Thursday, July 5, 2012


I hadn't started the new blog yet because I couldn't figure out how to make it look like the old blog, which I will now call "Fireside Chat The Old Version That Looks Better Than This One." I want it to look EXACTLY the same. GRRRR!!! Well, I give up. I'll try again later. The reason for the new blog is because it will be easier for me to write, "on the go," and on my laptop, etc. Fireside chat had gone dormant and this made me sad. Perhaps this made others sad or perhaps no one really cared. But the only way I could write on it before was to write the thing on Dreaweaver ala HTML. This was becoming impossible. How can one be witty and dash off whatever thoughts come to mind when one couldn't lounge on the couch while basking under the cool blast of the air conditioner? I ask you, how? 

Anyway, I was thinking about donuts the other day. This is because I was in Dunkin' Donuts. "DD" has a donut called the "Old Fashioned." I thought about this. Why? Why does this donut exist? 

Observe the donut:

Basically the "old fashioned" donut is something that the Pilgrims would have enjoyed. 

They hadn't yet the wherewithal to invent nice toppings like strawberry and delicious chocolate. 

And god forbid you stick some sugar in that thing. Okay, okay, I made this up. I don't know what the Pilgrims did. But the "old fashioned" certainly seems to fit the bill. I could look it up and track the origins of the "old fashioned" donut but I'm too lazy and far too busy and should be working on more important things... like finishing my book, which is far past its deadline. I mentioned "the old fashioned" to my sister because she goes to Dunkin' at least once a day. She is so in love with the place that she looked into buying stock there. I knew she'd know what I was talking about. 
Her response to the donut in question was, 
"Well, it's both good and bad." 
"What does that mean?" I asked. 
"You know, sometimes you don't want something sweet. You just want to fill yourself up."
 "With blandness?" I asked.
She shrugged. "Uh..."
"Why not just buy a muffin then?" 
"Uh... yeah... I see your point." 
So back to my original question: Why does it exist?

Here is a food item that puzzled me:

Gross... simply gross. I know spiderman is cool and all but that doesn't mean you need to melt down the colors and combine them onto a Poptart.

I might start a whole series: Why does -- blank -- exist? 

While on the same topic. Why do the police officers down the street exist? They have been simply directing traffic to no one and nothing for the past months. I've watched them playing with their cell phones and picking at branches on nearby trees... and whatever else they can do to pass the time. There has been construction on my street for months and months now and someone thought police officers were needed to direct traffic at empty intersections. See, some of the roads are closed off to cars... so no one is driving down them... so why are the officers needed? Tax dollars at good use? Oh yes indeed!

Maybe I should call this the complain-a-lot blog. 

More later....


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