Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I couldn't take another day of jackhammers and bulldozers. Construction has been going on in my neighborhood for the past 4 months or so. Monday through Friday. And now illegally on Saturdays. I have called 311 to complain about the illegal jackhammers on Saturdays but they continue anyway. Sigh. The evil noise starts at 7 am like clockwork. The city is replacing all of the water pipes and tearing up all of the sidewalks and streets and who knows what else.  I came out of my apartment this morning carrying all of my dirty laundry and my laptop and other belongings and walked the plank... literally... and stuffed all of my belongings into the car and drove off into CT, got stuck in hours and hours of traffic, and moved slowly towards peace and quiet in RI. 

I was not kidding about walking the plank. I didn't take a photo of "the plank" because my arms were filled with stuff but the side walk was no more (the photo above was from a few weeks ago) and there was very a long skinny board to walk across to get from the door to the street. I wondered if I fell off "the plank" carrying all of my belongings if I could get the city to pay for my medical bills. I feel bad for the businesses in my hood because I'm certain they've lost a lot of profits. One day the door at store across the street was blocked off completely by jackhammers and the like. Ugh! I'll be glad when this thing is finished. Whenever that is. Right now I'm listening to crickets chirping. And the hum of water int he distance. It's very calming. The photo above is not so I don't want to look at it anymore! 

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